Supporting The Rutherford Family During Their Time Of Tragic Loss

All of us at Roseville Fire Fighters, Local 1592 are saddened by the loss of our brother Kyle Rutherford. Kyle's father, Ed, was a member of our fire department with over 30 years of experience. Both Ed and Kyle are cherished members of our fire family and we are banding together with all of the fire departments in the Sacramento Metro area, to support Kyle's family during this tragic time. To support the Rutherford family, please CLICK HERE to donate.

Early Saturday morning, while traveling to work with Sacramento Metro Fire, Kyle Rutherford, 38, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Kyle was a dedicated husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend, firefighter, the list is absolutely endless. He was so much to so many people, but most especially to his dear sweet wife Sheena, he was her everything. Kyle leaves behind his wife Sheena and four young children Lillian (10), Leana (7) and twin sons, James and Grady (2.5)

Kyle was a dedicated engineer with the Sac Metro Fire Department. He has been with them since 2015 and loved every minute of it. Kyle was a car enthusiast, a fisherman, a jack of all trades. He was just so much and will be missed dearly.

With all of the emotional pain and stress that a death brings, it also brings financial worries and uncertainties. With Kyle being the sole income for the family the worries and concerns become even more apparent. We are trying to raise money for Sheena and their children to help with any costs that will incur and to help wherever needed. For a mom with four young children the list of day to day expenses she will now face alone is endless (groceries, mortgage, gas, insurance).

When I approached Sheena and asked her if she was okay with me setting this up she said I should do what God was calling me to do and that she has complete faith that God will provide for her. That is a perfect testament to how they live their lives and raise their children with immense amounts of faith even in their most difficult times. Now is our time to hear God’s whisper to help our neighbor however we can. It is in these times of loss and sadness when you see people coming together to help one another make it through the unimaginable.

Please keep all of Kyle and Sheena’s family in your prayers. Whether it be their immediate family, extended family, friends and fire family, the grief they are all feeling at the moment is immense.

CLICK HERE to support the Rutherford Family.